Our Story

Slutsky Production has evolved from being local dry cleaning company into web development agency.

It all started when Yury, unemployed computer programmer purchased (with SBA loan) dry cleaning business in the small town 20,000 populations.

It was very stressful experience, he had no knowledge of dry cleaning industry, never manage people, never dealt with customers. He was losing customers, because of bad quality cleaning and pressing. After all there were not enough orders to support such business.
In 3 months he knew that he will not be able to survive without some kind of miracle.

Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of advisers from mechanics, who suppose to fix his equipment to marketing companies, who promised a moon but delivered heartache.

Then one day he came up with idea to build an online pickup & delivery business.

He builds a website that allowed his potential customers request a pickup of dry cleaning and laundry from their home and office. He delivered flyers to people’s homes to advertise his services and website. He was posting his listing on every website that allowed free listing.
Every day compan’s listing was moving up in Google listings. At the end of his second year in business company was gaining 11% increase in profits. Company was listed in the first 5 organic search results on first page of all major search engines.

To make long story short – dry cleaning business was sold to pursue a dream of creating web design company, wich will help small businesses with their presence online.

It’s been couple of years since business was sold, but company is still has top listing for selected keywords.

Welcome to Slutsky Production

Twin Cities based web developer helping MN local business owners to create and maintain websites and their businesses presence on the web.

Our specialization

Gimp / Photoshop

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow